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Disciplines Biology
Research fields
Genomics, Molecular biology, Transcriptomics, NGS
Supporting organisms UCBL
Geographical location
Domaine Rockefeller - UCBL (Lyon Santé Rockefeller)
Team leader
Joël Lachuer, Charles Dumontet


ProfileXpert is a "Genomics and Microgenomics" facility, labeled Ibisa and affiliated to the Health-Lyon East Research Federation (SFR) of the UCBL.

ProfileXpert was founded in 2003, to provide to the Rhone-Alpes area with cutting-edge technologies for high-throughput genomics including deep sequencing, microarrays, beadarrays, and multiplex PCR. ProfileXpert is dedicated to the Transcriptome analysis and its regulation, as well as to Genome and Epigenome analyses. Our aim was to implement in Rhone-Alps region a cost-effective, time-efficient access to deep sequencing and array technologies, as well as an environment that facilitates effective data analysis.

ProfileXpert has three main missions:

  • To provide a global genomic service activity for academic and private laboratories. These global services from sample to data analysis, include: Nucleic acid purification, Gene expression and gene regulation as well as genotyping and epigenome analysis using arrays (microarrays and beadarrays), deep sequencing technology and real-time PCR. Support services including laser capture micro-dissection (LCM) consistent with following genomic analysis, lymphoid cell line establishment from clinical peripheral blood samples and data analysis (differentially expressed gene clustering based on fold change or GeneOntology (GO) biological process, GO molecular functions or GO cellular component, (ii) construction of hierarchical trees, (iii) construction of pathways and networks, characterization of LOH, CNV, SNP…)

  • To reinforce teaching and training activities in genomics and high-throughput genomic technologies

  • To develop a specific research and development (R & D) activity focused on the development of novel prep sample processes, on the understanding of genetic mechanisms involved in normal physiological and disease processes as well as on molecular biomarkers discovery including diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and pharmacogenomic biomarkers.


Our specificities and value added strengths are:

  • to offer nano-genomic services adapted for the studies of small amounts of nucleic acids, adapted for laser micro-dissection, flow cytometry, cell sorting and circulating DNA
  • to offer a large range of complementary approaches: mRNA and microRNA expression, alternative splicing, new transcripts (RNA-seq), LOH and CNV, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, MeDIP-chip, MeDIP-seq, necessary for dissecting genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.
  • To be equipped with complementary and accurate technologies from sample preparation to data analysis.