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Physical Biology of Chromatin

Disciplines Biology, Physics
Research fields BiophysicsStatistical physics, Bioinformatics, Multi-scale models, Molecular Biology, Structure biology, Omics, Genome, Dynamic systems, Network modelling
Supporting organisms CNRS, ENS de Lyon, UCBL
Geographical location ENS de Lyon (Campus Charles Mérieux)
Lab Laboratory of biology and modelling of the cell (LBMC)


Team leader Daniel Jost

In close connection with experimental biology, our research addresses generic or specific biological questions on chromatin and gene regulation by developing physical and computational models. Particularly, we focus on the spatio-temporal dynamics of eukaryotic chromosomes. Our research tackles important questions regarding the coupling between 3D structure and functions of chromatin. Our objective is to provide some universal principles driving chromatin folding and regulation, while contextualizing our approaches to fundamental, specific problems of 3D genomics.