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Logo INSA LyonLocated on the premises of the Science and Technological Park of la Doua in Villeurbanne, INSA Lyon (French National Institute for Applied Sciences in Lyon) is ranked among the top universities of Science and Technology in Europe, pluridisciplinary and international, at the heart of the European Higher Education Area.

INSA Lyon supports the following teams :

Adaptations nutritionnelles, environnement et diabètes
Beagle - Artificial Evolution and Computational Biology
Diversité du transcriptome des cellules souches
DM2L - Data Mining and Machine Learning
DRACULA - Multi-scale modelling of cell dynamics
Immod - Images et Modèles
Modélisation et Imagerie Thoracique et Vasculaire
SymT - Symbiose : Génomique Fonctionnelle des Interactions Trophiques