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* Systems Biology by ... (LyonSysBio 2016)

During our LyonSysBio 2016 conference, all our invited guests very nicely agreed to get interviewed and to answer three questions in front of a camera:

1. What are you going to talk about at this LyonSysBio conference?

2. What is your vision of Systems Biology?

3. Can you say a few words on your perception of LyonSysBio?


The resulting videos can be found below:


Systems Biology by Pedro Beltrao

Systems Biology by Suzanne Gaudet

Systems Biology by Kevin Janes

Systems Biology by Henrik Jönsson

Systems Biology by Alexander Loewer

Systems Biology by Matthieu Louis

Systems Biology by Fabian Theis

Systems Biology by Hyun Youk



Those videos have been produced with the help of Sebastien Boudin from ENS Média