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Méchanotransduction en développement

Disciplines Biology
Research fields Plant biology, Molecular genetics, Genomics, Biological and medical imaging
Supporting organisms CNRS, ENS de Lyon, INRA, UCBL
Geographical location ENS de Lyon (Campus Charles Mérieux)
Team leader Jan Traas


Plant architecture depends on groups of rapidly dividing, non-differentiated cells called shoot apical meristems, which constantly initiate new organs and tissues. Since they define essential agronomic traits such as organ number and position, meristems function is an important topic of research. The goal of our project is to understand the mechanisms that regulate the function of the shoot apical meristems, which generates all the aerial parts of the plant. In particular, we are interested in the initiation of flowers by this meristem in the model plant Arabidopsis. For this purpose we are using molecular genetics and genomics combined with in vivo imaging methods. In parallel we are developing modelling tools with. The goal here is to create a virtual floral meristem that integrates our results and use this model to generate new hypothesis concerning the initiation and function of floral meristems.