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Genetics of Intra-Species Variations

Disciplines Biology
Research fields Genomics, Bioinformatics
Supporting organisms ENS de Lyon, UCBL, CNRS
Geographical location
ENS de Lyon (Campus Charles Mérieux)
Team leader
Gaël Yvert


Our research group is interested in the fundamental genetic mechanisms underlying inter-individual phenotypic differences.  We wish to better understand why some individuals are more likely than others to develop specific traits. This question is at the heart of the upcoming era of personalized medicine: using patients' DNA information will help predict the outcome of a specific treatment. For most cases of common health traits, personalized care is not ready yet because the contribution of DNA variation is very complex. For example, many carriers of a mutation predisposing to cancer will not necessarily declare the disease.

We use very powerful experimental models, such as the yeast S. cerevisiae, and modern genomics and bioinformatics tools to address fundamental questions about the complexity by which genotypes control phenotypic variations. As an academic research lab, our aim is to make fundamental discoveries on this topic and diffuse openly our results, to increase current understanding on genetic predisposition to disease, and to transfer quantitative genetics methods to microbiologists.