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Disciplines BiologyMathematics
Research fields

Cancerology, Cell biologyImmunologyMolecular biology

SimulationDynamic systemsMultiscale models

Supporting organisms

Lyon Biopôle (member)

Geographical location

Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Lab Not applicable 
Team leader Arnaud Bonnaffoux, CSO; Sami Bou-Antoun, CEO.

Arnaud Bonnaffoux, aeronautical engineer and Ph.D. in systems biology. Sami Bou-Antoun, a businessman by nature, physician, and Ph.D. in immunology from Boston University, USA, are the cofounders of VIDIUM.

Experts in systems biology, we provide VIDIUM’s tailored solutions for integration and analysis of multi-omics data and in silico modeling, reconstructing quantitative and realistic genetic regulatory networks (GRN). These models are fully mechanistic and integrative, allowing new simulations and predictions:

 As Google did for urban networks, we built our navigation map in cellular genetic networks!

In other words, thanks to our robust knowledge-driven approaches, we have succeeded in creating quantitative and realistic in silico avatars of genetic networks. Our mapping allows us to "find our way" through the billions of possible interactions between our 20,000 genes. In addition, our REAL platform hosts several applications that will enable our partners to interact with their own resulting GRNs.

With our technology, inspired by aeronautical engineering, and the expertise of an interdisciplinary team, we shift the way we do research. We bring data analysis and in silico modeling solutions for genetic research. Our goal is to drive innovation by mastering the process of cell differentiation, developing effective and personalized treatments, and predicting early markers of disease