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DRACULA - Multi-scale modelling of cell dynamics

Disciplines Biology, Mathematics
Research fields

Cancerology, Cell biology, Immunology, Molecular biology,

Dynamic systems, Biomathematics, Multiscale models, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Population dynamics, Stochastic differential equations, Stochastic modelling

Supporting organisms CNRS, ECL, Inria INSA Lyon, UCBL, UJMENS de Lyon (Campus Charles Mérieux)
Geographical location Domaine scientifique de la Doua - UCBL (LyonTech - la Doua)
Lab Institut Camille Jordan and Laboratory of Biology and Modeling of the Cell
Team leader Mostafa Adimy


The Dracula Team is formed with mathematicians from the Math department of University Lyon 1 and biologists from the Laboratory of Biology and Modeling of the Cell of ENS de Lyon. The research performed in the Dracula Team consists in developing mathematical approaches, methods and tools for a multi-scale modelling of biological processes.

Deterministic and stochastic continuous models, based on nonlinear ordinary, partial, and delay differential equations, as well as agent-based models, are developed in order to answer questions related mainly to the production of blood cells, including:

-       normal and stress erythropoiesis (red blood cell production),

-       myeloid leukemias,

-       platelet production,

-       CD8 T cell immune response,

-       lineage choice,

-       chronotherapy and circadian rythms.

Multi-scale modelling consists in the description of both molecular and cellular processes, and their coupling at the tissue scale. This means in particular considering molecular regulatory networks controlling cell decision-making processes (self-renewal, differentiation, apoptosis, etc.) and associated local and global influences (cytokine diffusion, etc.).

Link to the team's publications: