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BMP : ecosystem, Stemness & dynamic in cancer



Biology, Medicine - Health
Research fields Cell biology, Molecular biology, Cancerology, Biological and medical imaging
Supporting organisms CNRS, HCL, InsermUCBL, CRCL
Geographical location Lyon 69008, Centre Léon Bérard
Lab UMR INSERM 1052, CNRS 5286
Team leader Véronique Maguer-Satta
Webpage BMP, Ecosystem, stemness and dynamic in cancer

The projects of our lab focus on Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) family members, stem cells, and the tumor niche. We study the effect of the tumor environment on Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) and their resistance to treatment, using epithelial tumour models and haematopoietic models.

Our approach relies on analyzing and modulating the expression of these BMP family members and characterizing their functions. We are developing projects subjecting cancer stem cells to different conditions, which will allow us to evaluate the impact of their interactions with the microenvironment on their ability to resist treatment. We are also studying the functional consequences, in terms of drug response, of interactions between CSCs and cellular or structural components of the tumor niche, by integrating the physical and environmental parameters with, for example, the mechanical constraints.