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The International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI)

Disciplines Biology
Research fields Epidemiology, Virology
Supporting organisms Independent Research Institute
Geographical location Lyon, France
Lab The International Prevention Research Institute
Team leader Alberto d'ONOFRIO

The International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) is an independent research institute with a staff of demonstrated world-class excellence and leadership. iPRI has unparalleled experience in epidemiological research and macro health planning with a record of delivering real health and economic value to a range of public and private sources including governments, universities, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and large multi-national concerns. Our combined years of experience operating at the highest level have enabled iPRI to have a unique global network of support including senior academic figures and governments departments and their senior officials. This enables iPRI to have immediate access to a worldwide network of expertise.  


iPRI represents a new concept in biomedical research combining a thorough, high-level, academic approach coupled with a practical focus on providing evidence-based information about clinical, epidemiological and prevention strategies. iPRI aims to be inclusive rather than exclusive in terms of seeking expert opinion.iPRI defends high standards of epidemiological and clinical research science, with a hierarchy between studies for establishing a cause-effect relationship, i.e. consensus building between experts having no conflict of interest; systematic reviews with meta-analysis or pooled data analysis; randomized trials; observational studies; and ecological studies. iPRI, with its outstanding faculty and network of international expertise, can rapidly mobilize experts to provide high-quality advice on a wide range of topics. iPRI pursues the overall aim of avoidance of bias due to any agenda, political, economic or other in all its activities. iPRI recognizes that prevention ranges from avoiding risk factors and high-risk behaviours and avoiding the development of the disease; through identifying disease at an earlier stage when effective cure is more likely, and avoiding death in patients who have developed the disease.