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Numed - Integrated models for biomedical research

Disciplines Mathematics, Medicine - Health
Research fields Neurobiology, Cancerology, Multiscale models, Ecology
Supporting organisms CNRS, ENS de Lyon, Inria
Geographical location Grenoble
Lab Inria, UMPA
Team leader Emmanuel Grenier

Numed is a INRIA team hosted by UMPA (ENS Lyon) that develops two fundamental axes:

  • design and study of multi-scale models in biology and medicine,
  • parameterization of complex systems,
  • and three main applications:
  • oncology,
  • stroke,
  • ecology.


A first example of work concerns oncology research. At the numerical level, the comparison of mathematical models with clinical data requires the use of statistical methods. To this aim, we use mixed-effect models, such that model parameters are defined by a fixed (mean) effect and a random (inter-individual) effect. Such mixed population effects are very time-consuming to calculate. Numed has developed an efficient approach, combining an SAEM algorithm with an adaptive kriegage phase that allows the parameterization of models based on partial differential equations, much too heavy for conventional algorithms (Monolix, Nonmem).

Another application of Numed concerns stroke. Such an accident begins with the occlusion of an artery in the brain, which partially deprives it of proper oxygen and nutrient irrigation. Rapidly the corresponding neurons die, causing sequels for the patient. Precise identification of the affected area (the so-called ischemic area) is a fundamental problem in the clinical treatment of stroke. In collaboration with D. Rousseau (INSA), Numed has developed time-space denoising methods and defined entropy concepts for infusion and diffusion images.

Numed members regularly collaborate with clinicians from Lyon hospitals (Lyon Sud, NeuroCardio), Centre Léon Bérard (Anti-cancer centre in Lyon) and have developed various industrial collaborations (Servier, Sanofi Pasteur).