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MLKD - Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery

Disciplines Informatique
Domaines Statistical learning, Algorithmes, Analyse de données, Bioinformatique
Tutelles UCBL
Localisation géographique Domaine Scientifique de la Doua - UCBL (LyonTech - la Doua)
Laboratoire d'appartenance GAMA
Chef d'équipe Alexandre Aussem
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The MLKD team is conducting research in Statistical Machine Learning. The term refers to a system capable of the autonomous acquisition and integration of knowledge from experimental data by statistical inference methods. This capacity to learn from experience, analytical observation, and other means, results in a system that can continuously self-improve and thereby offer increased efficiency and effectiveness.
More specifically, our current activities are based on the develoment of novel scalable and robust algorithms for bayesian network learning, clustering and feature selection in high dimensional data sets.
Our application domains include bioinformatics, fault detection, time series forecasting, industrial process monitoring, medical diagnosis etc.