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Altrabio -


Integrative Biology, Translational research, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Biological modeling

Research fields

Immunology, Oncology, Dermatology, other medical subspecialties and disease areas

Supporting organisms

Lyon Biopôle (member), Créalys (past participant), Novacité (past participant), Rhône-Alpes Entreprendre (past participant)

Geographical location

Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Lab Not applicable 
Team leader Laurent BUFFAT, MD, PhD - CEO of AltraBio

The core activity of AltraBio is analysis and interpretation of biomedical data in preclinical and clinical development, with a particular focus on OMICS technologies (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics etc.), with the goal of unlocking the value captured in large scale data set generated in life science experimental studies.

AltraBio has successfully applied its expertise at the service of and in collaboration with both academic partners and clients from various segments of life science industry.

AltraBio's work flow covers the part of the R&D process following the generation of data in the experiment, including extensive data quality control, normalization, statistical analysis using nonsupervised and supervised approaches, their management, visualization and extensive exploration. In contrast to a pure biostatistics consultancy, AltraBio performs a full-fledged biological interpretation of the analysis results in the context of current biomedical knowledge and generates a report that includes deep bibliography review and biological pathway analysis.

AltraBio applies the state-of-the-art knowledge in biomedicine and bioinformatics to inform both development of informatics tools used in its work and the analysis and interpretation of the experimental data sets.