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Diversité du transcriptome des cellules souches



Cell Biology, Transcriptomics, Genetics, Oncology
Research fields Genomics, Cell biology, Physiology, Molecular biology
Supporting organisms CRCL, INSERM
Geographical location Lyon 69008, Centre Léon Bérard
Lab UMR INSERM 1052, CNRS 5286
Team leader Mathieu GABUT

We are investigating the role and regulation of alternative splicing, a key step of mRNA maturation and a power mechanism generating mRNA and proteomic diversity, for the control of stem cell identity.

Using high-throughput technologies (splicing microarrays and RNA-seq), we are focusing on two models:

1- we study the role of alternative splicing programs (co-regulated splicing events) for the maintenance of mouse embryonic stem cell fundamental properties (self-renewal and pluripotency). Our recent work identified a novel and conserved splicing event for the transcription factor FOXP1 which acts as a switch on stem cell fate, either promoting their maintenance or their differenciation (Gabut et al, Cell, 2011)

2- in collaboration with Pr. Jérome Honnorat, Head of the Neuro-oncology unit at the Pierre Wertheimer Hospital (Lyon, France), we investigate how alternative splicing is differentially regulated between human normal neural stem cells and their pathological counterparts: human cancer stem cells responsible for Glioblastoma. Our objective is to determine how alterations of stem cell splicing programs in cancer stem cells contribute to their tumorigenic capacities.