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Wellcome-Trust/EMBL-EBI course

"In silico systems biology: dynamic modelling of biological networks"


The course covers:

  • Network Analysis and Pathway Enrichment
  • Qualitative Modelling: reconstruction, modelling and simulation of systems using logic approaches, and analysis of their dynamical properties
  • Quantitative Modelling: chemical kinetics, constraint-based modelling and stochastic simulations, including spatial representations
  • Model Sharing: how to encode, annotate and distribute models.


The course will take place on 3-8 June 2018 in Hinxton near Cambridge (UK).  Several tools will be used, including Cytoscape, OmniPath , GINsim, CellNOpt, COPASI, COBRApy, Smoldyn and BioModels.


More information and registration: