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BioSyL (m)eating Day

BioSyL (m)eating day

In 2016 the BioSyL's PhDs have chosen to organize a day of active exchanges between all BioSyL members.


It will take place on the 13th of December at ENS Lyon (Salle des thèses).


The idea is to create more active links between the 60 BioSyL teams around the unifying theme of the systems approach to biological problems. We will focus on sharing problems, solutions and common tools.


From a practical standpoint, discussions around a buffet (or other sources of food wink ) seemed very efficient to exchange and integrate new members, hence the title of this day "(m) eating day" .


In the morning, 6 PhD students will represent one of the disciplines of Biosyl. Those presentations will highlight the problems, solutions or tools that may be common to other members of Biosyl to serve as a basis for exchange in working groups in the afternoon.


- 9h - 10h30: 3 x 20 min talks


Hadrien Croubois (Avalon): "Building an autonomic worflow manager for DaaS based commercial cloud"

Jean-Félix Gross (Irphil): "Philosophy and Biology".

Ceren Tozlu (LBBE): "Classification of individual disability progression trajectories of multiple sclerosis patients".


- 10h30 - 11h: Coffee break


- 11h - 12h30: 3 x 20 min talks


Minh-Ha Nguyen-Thi (Biophysics of complex systems): "Using NMR, SAS and molecular dynamics to tackle protein/protein interactions at an atomic level."

Rodrigo Dorantes-Gilardi (LAMAIXXI): "A structural approach to functional change upon single mutations using protein contact networks."

Aurélien Canet (ICJDraculaNeolys Diagnostic):"Human Radiosensitivity, Towards a Biological and Mathematical response"


- 12h30 - 14h: Buffet (wine & cheese by Fromagerie Fauret) and social interactions.


- 14h-15h30 : Plenary session related to the (1) questions; (2) solutions and (3) open problems that everyone encounters during his everyday work. The objective of this sessions will be to identify themes for 2 or 3 specific workshops.


- 15h30-16h : Coffee break


- 16h-17h30 : Workshop along one identified theme. Poster can be used as support.


- 17h30-18h00 : back to plenary session for a common debriefing.