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You are here: Home News 25th of March, Anton Crombach's seminar

25th of March, Anton Crombach's seminar

On the 25th of March, Anton Crombach will give a seminar entitled:

"Evolution of the D. melanogaster chromatin landscape and its associated proteins". ENS Lyon - Place de l'école -



Anton has just settled in La Doua (INRIA) and the idea is to have him knowing/ being known from the Gerland campus.

Anton studies the evolution of gene regulatory networks in eukaryotes using mathematical models, computer simulations, and bioinformatic data analysis. His recent (ongoing) work includes exploring the evolution of chromatin-associated proteins in Drosophila and assessing the implications of large mutations on 3D genomes. Additionally, he collaborates with the group of Alex Fleischmann (Brown, USA) to decipher the gene network underlying neuronal specification in the olfactory/piriform cortex of mice.