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Genomic Scientist Position at SANOFI

Genomic Scientist Position

Position duration: 18 months (CDD)
City: Vitry sur Seine, France
Starting date: 01/10/2017
Company: Sanofi Chimie – Industrial Affairs, Vitry sur Seine

Contact: Anne-Sophie COQUEL (Head of Genomics) Email:

Valid until 15/09/2017

Description of the position:
Sanofi is producing biomolecules by fermentation using micro-organisms. The use of strain engineering is necessary to improve the production of biomolecule of interest. The analysis of OMICS data is a valued knowledge to understand which genes-proteins are involved directly or indirectly in the production. Comparing the genomes allows highlighting genes and mutations of interest. The latter are key clues for the strain engineering.


Genome comparisons
OMICS data (genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic) analysis and correlation between all OMICS data and data such as fermentation or metabolomic data
Scientific and technologic watch
Inter-disciplinary interactions with fermentation and analytics teams
Management of different projects
Production of results from the raw/assembled data
Writing reports, procedures, documentation
Understanding of the tools developed in the department
Modification and improvement of the bioinformatics pipelines if necessary


Genomic and bioinformatic backgrounds are mandatory
Required Master 2/ Engineer in genomics-bioinformatics (bac +5) with experience Postdoc in genomics-bioinformatics appreciated

Know-how – Expertise:

Knowledge in NGS analysis tools
Genome comparison (alignments, rearrangements, analysis of mutations) Experience with coding and programming languages (Python, Perl, etc.)

Valued knowledge:

Insights regarding the filamentous bacteria and/or actinomycetes and the production of antibiotics: synthetic biology, genomics and metabolic pathways
Lab experience on actinomycetes


High level of written and spoken English (oral and written communication) French is an asset

Soft skills:

Abilities to work as a multi-cultural team


Sense of initiative Autonomy Organization Thoroughness